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Video reflection- Let the electricity flow

Video reflection- Let the electricity flow

Pink- Summary

Blue- Facts 

Purple- Questions

This was about Stephen Gray who made insulators and conductors. Stephen Gray is a big par of  electricity nowadays although I didn’t even know who he was before the video!

In the great chamber of the charter house, Stephen Gray made magic. Well, he made insulators and conductors. He built a wooden frame, with two swings hanging off the frame with silk rope. Then he put a tray or plate of gold leaves in front of the swings. He then got one of the boys who lived in charter house to lay across the swings. when the electricity was generated, the boy put his hands on top of the tray and the leaves flew up! 

What makes some things insulators or conductors? Would it hurt the boy with the electricity going through him like an electric shock?

BTN- Storms explained

BTN- Storms explained

Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Insights- green 

Questions- Purple

Summary- This BTN was about how two huge storms struck the world recently. One in the Philippines, and one in the US and Mexico. The one in the Philippines was called a typhoon, and the one in the US was called a hurricane.

Recalls-  58 people were killed in a hurricane in the Philippines. More than 100000 are still stuck in evacuation centres. Hurricane Patricia was the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. No one has died because of hurricane Patricia.

Insights- Hurricanes and typhoons are both actually the same thing. Storms can be very dangerous and kill millions of people’s homes.

Questions- Are hurricanes more common in the western hemisphere? Can you have more than one storm at same the time and place? Example- a flood and a tornado at the same time.




BTN- Message in a bottle

BTN- Message in a bottle

Summary- pink 

Questions – Blue 

Recalls- Purple 

Insights- Green 

Summary- This btn was about how we can connect from different countries with just a pen, paper and a glass bottle.

Questions-  How long does it normally take for a message to go across? Doesn’t the bottle break from the rocks? 

Recalls – We can connect from different countries with this, Theo Frastis was the first person to send a message in a bottle, the oldest message in a bottle was found on a German beach.

Insights- We can harm marine life by sending a message in a bottle. 

Link here

BTN- Fashion waste

BTN- Fashion waste

Summary- Pink

Questions- Blue

Insights- Purple

Recalls- Green

Summary- This BTN was about how we need to choose more carefully about how much we buy and if it is sustainable.

Questions- How can we tell if our clothes are good quality? Are some particular fabrics better than others?

Insights- We need to be more careful about what we buy.

Recalls-  Australia is the second biggest consumer of fabric in the world.
Each Australian buys an average of 27 kilos of clothes every year.
85% of unwanted clothing ends up in the rubbish.

BTN- technology challenge

BTN- technology challenge

Summary-Pink                                                                                                                                                                                 Questions-blue                                                                                                                                                                                Insights- Green                              e                                                                                                                                                 Recalls- Purple

Summary- This text was about kids trying to go three days without using technology

Questions- Did it later on affect their use of technology? Did it make them realise they need to cut down on tech time?

Insights- technology use has increased a lot.

Recalls- kids use technology way too much People need to start looking at the world around us. You can still have fun without technology. 


BTN- the encounter

BTN- the encounter

PINK- summary   BLUE- recalls 
BLACK- insights  PURPLE- questions                                                                                                
Waruwi finds a cow left by the English or otherwise known as “Ghosts” according to aborigines. Waruwi finds out that the English are setting up camp where they live.
She goes back home to tell Nana about the “ghosts” and the cow.
How would Nana react when she saw the cow?
Why would the English bring a cow?
I know that the aborigines had never seen a cow before and I also know that the aborigines were quite scared of the English because their skin colour was much lighter than they had ever seen. I also know that the English brought a lot of animals on the boats with them.
The aborigines used animal skin to make clothes. The smoke they have from the fire was used to keep the mosquitoes away. The aborigines were very calm and gentle around animals.

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