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Just find our wonderland that doesn’t really exist. We think we will find It, but we never do.  It’s an unreachable goal. Some people get do close to wonderland they find the doors and the bottle with drink me written on the door, but they just can’t fit through the hole, and soon enough we’re all falling down, slowly, spiralling out of control into a dark, unknown world. But maybe wonderland does exist, but we’re just imagining it differently. Maybe we’re already in wonderland. Maybe wonderland to us is just home.

ps: even though this might seem like it has nothing to do with the prompt it just remindd me of alice in wonderland.

Goal- To not go over 100 words


100 wc

100 wc

Hello. A lot of people ask me why I’m friends with a grapefruit, and I’m here to tell you why. So one day, I was sitting in my room alone, because I had just moved into town, then I heard people screaming. At first I thought it was the TV because well, what else would it be? Then I saw the park and these dudes made out of sticks running. Everyone fled the town after that but since my mum didn’t hear (she was sleeping,) she woke up and told me to make some friends, But the only thing I could find was a grapefruit lying on the road. So that’s why I’m friends with Jackson. (The grapefruit.)


100 wc- We were moving very fast when

100 wc- We were moving very fast when

We were moving very fast when the hurricane struck. There was a moment of silence, almost like we were frozen, then we got tied up in panic. I hate it when that happens, when you freeze and then realize what you could have done in that time you were frozen. But then again, all the time we stand around in our lives, we could have done so much.”

But we just didn’t. Sometimes you just don’t do things. We nearly lost Papa that day. Nearly.

“Another thing that happens in life is sometimes the world gives you a favour, for no reason. But the when I think about it, there could be a reason.”

Maybe we just do good things every day without realising. Life is weird, I can tell you that. Really weird.

100 wc- Before, red, clock, cycled, snake

100 wc- Before, red, clock, cycled, snake

Before I walked outside, I knew something was wrong.  The street was empty. The sky was a crimson red. I wandered into my kitchen, feeling lost and scared. I checked the clock. It was broken. I glanced at my watch that was left in my room. Broken. I took a deep breath, walked to the garage and took my bike. I cycled down the street, and looked around. It was deserted for miles on end. I rode down the snake – like road and stopped. I just realised. Was I the only person left in the world? I’ve always wanted to be left alone, but now that I am, I’m just lost.

100 wc

100 wc

People think I am a statue in a cloak,

Something just for show.

If I prove myself to them

One day they will know.

That I have feelings they’ve never even felt

I’ve seen things they’ve never seen before.

They think they are intelligent,

But clearly I know more.

I smile to myself when I think

These kids learn things, though nothing compares to me.

I can see everything they were too scared to look at.

I know who they want to be.

I know who I am just as well as they do.

For I am all living things, in conclusion

This whole earth is fake,

The life they’re living is just an illusion.


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100 wc- Where would we keep?

100 wc- Where would we keep?

“When Dad comes back, will he know? The secrets I mean, the secrets of the world. Will He?” When Kayla asked this question, it sounded harmless, though the reaction of her family was somewhat different. “Kayla!”  Never ask that question again. That is forbidden, Understood? Her mother snapped. “Yes,” the young girl replied, saddened by the scolding.

When her father came home, there was no rejoicing. He seemed disturbed by something, but refused to tell. Passing his office Kayla overheard her father on the phone on the other and of the line a voice said, “This species will wipe us of planet earth, unless we get rid of her first. Her father took a deep breath and murmured. Yes. I understand. Kayla will get beheaded tomorrow. I’m booking the session now.”

Kayla tried to stay expressionless, But where would she keep all of the tears?

This was the end.

PS: Sorry this is late!

100 wc- Swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tomorrow

100 wc- Swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tomorrow

She knows it’s coming. The way she celebrated when I was gone, her way of swimming in the glory like she deserved it. As i entered the room, the flame inside me had to be released. Otherwise my anger would turn to sadness, sadness to loneliness, and somewhere the line would end. The thing was, when the line ends, so does your life. Her face turned white as we sat opposite each other.  “Explain.” I said coldly, as if she didn’t already know. “If you open the gates, you have to go through them.” She sat, stunned for a minute, then replied. “Fine. The war outside our world is real. This fantasy you’re living in is not.” Tomorrow the long sought- after opening will begin.

100 word challenge- As the door slammed shut i knew…

100 word challenge- As the door slammed shut i knew…

Jade led me into one of the labs, cautious of anyone hearing. The glows of the blue and green lights didn’t comfort me. She muttered something, too fast to understand, but I caught a glimpse of what she was saying. Don’t look in here, the capsule isn’t hidden anywhere in this room. I didn’t believe her. How could I? After she killed my sister, and locked my parents up, and tried to throw me of a cliff? It was in there, and I was going to find it. She stormed out, and as soon as the door slammed shut, I knew. I was next. After 3 attempts, she was going to eternize me. I needed to find that capsule, the capsule that would make me die. I wanted needed to die.

100 wc- my prized possesion

100 wc- my prized possesion

An old wooden box, with a key in the bottom

It sits there, with a soft, gentle hum of a calming song that I know so well

Listening to it over and over again, each time feeling more and more comfortable and relaxed

It works magic this box, the way it repeats over and over again

There is nothing quite like this, nothing this special

A feeling you just can’t describe, that nobody but you understands

There is nothing quite like this

There is nothing



100 wc- So, what lies ahead…

100 wc- So, what lies ahead…

Twisting, turning, here I lie.

 I have no hope, no more tears to cry.

Shrinking, dying, in the blink of an eye.

My face is wet, sticky with tears.

Underground for so long, my future soon clears.

Will anyone miss me after all of these years?

So, what lies ahead of all of this horrible stuff?

My life and my death has all been rough.

All I wanted to know is who killed my dad!

Little did I know I’d end up this sad.

Trying to find out my history’s not a crime!

All I know is I messed up this time.


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