100 WC: we seemed to be on television

100 WC: we seemed to be on television

In an all – white, empty room, sat 7 children, and a television. They had never seen the world, only on a screen. They didn’t speak, they didn’t know they were capable of such thing. They were told the things on television weren’t real, which, for the most part was true, apart from their human – like emotion, movements, and features. The screen flickered, and the children blinked, almost flinching. They had never seen quite an error. Pixels became smaller and fell together to create a new image. The image of the children themselves. The response was quite different to what we would do if we seemed to be on television. There was a cry of panic, as one of the children found out who was on the screen, shuffling of feet, and then one final scream.

The world went black.

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