Goals for Semester 2

Goals for Semester 2

So far this semester I have achieved:

Writing in different styles including science fiction and historical. I have also tried different writing techniques.

In debates I had stronger rebuttals and have been able to improvise better, but I still have a lot of room for improvement.

I wanted to be able to commit to a story and be able to finish one, and although I haven’t completed it yet, I’m very close to doing so.

I have not yet managed to achieve:

Understanding and taking more interest in topics such as science and technology

How I learn and behave:

I wanted to take challenging options more often and I think I have achieved this. In math questions I figure out multiple answers and choose more challenging questions.

I wanted to stay focussed in my learning and not get distracted, and I have achieved this too. I talk to my friends less, and pay more attention in class.

I have not yet managed to achieve:

Going easier on myself when I get answers wrong, and giving myself a break sometimes.


Goals for this term:

Have deeper reflections in literacy circles

Trying to work with new people


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