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Month: October 2018

Goals for Semester 2

Goals for Semester 2

So far this semester I have achieved:

Writing in different styles including science fiction and historical. I have also tried different writing techniques.

In debates I had stronger rebuttals and have been able to improvise better, but I still have a lot of room for improvement.

I wanted to be able to commit to a story and be able to finish one, and although I haven’t completed it yet, I’m very close to doing so.

I have not yet managed to achieve:

Understanding and taking more interest in topics such as science and technology

How I learn and behave:

I wanted to take challenging options more often and I think I have achieved this. In math questions I figure out multiple answers and choose more challenging questions.

I wanted to stay focussed in my learning and not get distracted, and I have achieved this too. I talk to my friends less, and pay more attention in class.

I have not yet managed to achieve:

Going easier on myself when I get answers wrong, and giving myself a break sometimes.


Goals for this term:

Have deeper reflections in literacy circles

Trying to work with new people


Video reflection

Video reflection

Facts:  The Mayans invented the long – count calendar

Trigonometry is the study of triangles

Precession of the equinoxes is the term for the earth wobbling on it’s axis


Questions: Where is Baghdad?

What does horoscopic mean?


Understandings: I understand that it took a lot of effort to get to the understanding of the stars that we have today.


Summary: This was about astronomy and how it progressed over the years, and each important milestone for astronomy.

100 wc- It reminded me of a time when…

100 wc- It reminded me of a time when…

I smiled softly to myself, for the first time in years. It reminded me of a time when we were safe, happy, and reunited with our family. I brushed off the thought of my family, and went back to work. We were forced to work for our enemies, and we would never rest. The feeling of exhaustion swept over me, but I shook it off. I wasn’t going to be defeated today. Only 7 more years I would tell myself. 7 years. Oh god. I sighed, and dropped my shovel. I walked through crowds of children, looking for water. That’s when I saw the flower. The first life I’d seen there. Was this a sign of hope?

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