Narrative- To be continued

Narrative- To be continued


The living room was dark, the only light coming from the T.V. Camila curled up in an old blanket eating caramel popcorn, with wild thoughts rushing through her head. She lived in Oak Harbour, Washington. She always loved having the apartment to herself, but it didn’t feel safe anymore. The news switched off, and the room was silent. Camila clambered to the bathroom and showered, but it was so hot as soon as she stepped out she was covered in sweat again. It was 2:34 am. She looked at the time, panicking. She had a job interview tomorrow, and was not going to be late. Again. Police sirens sounded outside, and it was the same as every night. But it wasn’t. There was a new feeling in the air, a dark feeling, as if nothing would ever be the same again. And it wouldn’t.

The alarm went off and Camila rolled over, struggling to find her glasses. Her dark hair fell over her face, and she stumbled out of bed. She walked down to the nearest Starbucks and got on the subway. The office was a tall grey building, not that dissimilar to the one from the terrorist attack.  Camila sighed, and told herself it was fine. It’s not like you knew anyone from there anyway. Everyone else is fine, get your act together. As she stepped inside, a wave of cool air washed over her, and she immediately felt a relief. Her eyes darted across the room, just to take a first glance at her co- workers. Or not. She shook of the negative feeling and walked into the office with a determined look on her face. She was going to get this job.

Camila’s feet ached from walking, and as she unlocked her door, she collapsed onto the couch. Her hands were sweaty from the nerves of the interview. Oh god. Riley was coming over. She looked like a mess, not to mention her house looked like it had been robbed, but the robber left because it was too messy. Ugh. She put on her favourite music and started to clean. The phone rang and it was Riley.

“Hey! Cami! Sorry I can’t make it today, I’ve been really busy.” Camila sighed in relief. “Hey, I’ve been worried. The attack must have been scary. You live right next to it don’t you?”

“Yup.” Camila’s mood dropped. Of course she had to be reminded.

“And you’re all alone! You need to start dating again. It’ll make you happier.”

“Yeah, I’ve tried. Everyone’s a jerk in Washington.” Did you miss the flight?”

“No, I cancelled it.” Riley said, clearly lying.

Riley went on and on, and it was almost like she was over anyway. Camila didn’t care. It felt good to have someone thinking about you.

She ordered pizza and sat at her computer, typing and deleting, typing and deleting. Nothing was right anymore. It turned dark outside, and Camila got a glass of water and went to be. Her life wasn’t really revolved around time, more like what it looked like outside. The sun is rising, get up. Sky is grey or blue, get lunch. Sun’s setting, go home get dinner. When it’s dark you go to bed. It was less stressful. Inside was peaceful, outside was chaos.

When Camila woke up, the world was a blur. She reached for her glasses, but they weren’t in her usual spot. There were shouts outside, and it smelled of smoke. She glanced around, worried. She walked to the somewhat blur of a bathroom, tripped over a wire, and got her spare glasses. At least she could see now. The computer was still on from last night, maybe the electricity got stuffed up. That would explain the smoke. Don’t be stupid Cami. That’s not how science works. She pulled down one of the many windows in her room. There were people outside, marching with signs, things were on fire, and her stomach dropped. What’s going on? Were people trying to kill her? She didn’t do anything wrong. Did she? Maybe they didn’t like the fact that she was watching the news about it 2 nights ago. She called Alissa, her friend from school. She was 17, and Cami was 19, and trying to find a job. When Lissa picked up, she could hear the sound of shoes squeaking. “Cheerleading? Really Lissa?”

“Uh, no. Basketball actually. I’m in the middle of training.” Lissa sounded out of breath.

“Yeah, um, there are people outside. Angry people.”

“Oh my god. A riot? About the attack? I was trying to avoid talking about it, but this is serious. Can you leave your apartment?”

“No.” Cami said, her voice shaking a bit. This was the most danger she’d ever been in.

“Just relax. You’ll be fine,” Lissa tried to reassure her.

After calling more than 10 people, she was pretty sure her phone bill would be exploding, so she stopped. Everyone had told her it’d be fine, but would it really? She opened her computer and looked at the news. There were titles and headlines about riots. She looked into it, looking at every news report there was, but when she checked outside to see if they were still there, and they were gone. And the building was back.



It was 3:27 am, and Chloe was still on the internet. She had just discovered a singer, and immediately fell in love with her music. She was binging on interviews and music videos, and sent some to her friends. At 5:01, she finally fell asleep.

Chloe awoke to the morning light shining through the blinds. She groaned, and looked at the time. 8:11. She bolted up, and leaped out of bed. There was 20 minutes until school started.

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