Imagine a world where you couldn’t do what you wanted because of your age. A world where you were restricted from your will, where you have ideas but no one will listen. What if I told you that kids feel this way? We kids should be able to do the same thing adults can. We need a voice, and soon we won’t even be able to do things independently, because we aren’t being put up to real-life situations now. We kids are trapped in a dark cell that is our life, only capable of what adults tell us. Do you want us to be clueless and lost because of you?

Do you enjoy being restricted from your will? Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your decisions were made for you? This is what you’re doing to your kids. Imagine living with the guilt of destroying a kid’s hopes and dreams with one word. “No.” This could happen. You could ruin someone’s life. Do you really want that? If you really love your kid, you will help them grow by giving them a say in their life. Telling them they can’t is not respecting them, no matter how much you say you do it because you love them. Your kids could have no friends because you said they had to be home by five, but everyone else stayed later. I bet you don’t get curfews from your parents! Just give your kids a chance!

Adults are always talking about how kids need to be more mature, well here’s the perfect chance! Giving them responsibilities will help them learn and be more independent. If you don’t let your kids walk to school until they’re 18, they will be scared! If you don’t let your kids pay for something at the checkout until they’re 17, they won’t know what to do. Being overprotective is not helping your kids at all. Don’t you want your kids to be mature?

Imagine you’re at the beach swimming, and start to drown. You can’t speak, but you can hear everyone else’s voices. You scream for help, but no one will listen. You would feel alone, scared and trapped. Have you ever realised that kids can’t do anything about global issues? It’s ridiculous. Kids have great ideas, and kids need a voice too. There are 1.9 billion kids in the world, and none of them can vote, or have input on the law. Why don’t you listen to us? We need to have a say.

I know some people will be thinking that we are too immature and disrespectful. Well, we can learn from mistakes, and also, not everyone is immature. That’s just like saying that adults shouldn’t have a credit card because some people steal. Yes, some do, but not everyone. It just doesn’t make sense. Why waste your time disagreeing, when you could make the world a better place?

So, do you want the world to be a horrible place because of you? Kids need to be able to do more, because we are being restricted from our will, we will learn to be more responsible, and we should be able to share our ideas. You can help this world by doing only ONE THING! Just trust kids! Is that really so much to ask?

One thought on “KIDS SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THE THINGS ADULTS CAN- Persuasive peice

  1. Heidi, this persuasive text is really amazing. I think that you are pretty much the only person I can think of who did a topic like this. Really nice work and I am going to show this to my mum and maybe, just maybe she will let me stay at places longer 😉 . Amazing work, please do write more of these. (Preferably one on the topic that : All kids should have a mobile phone). Please!!!! Awesome work!

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