100 WC

100 WC

Lilia hated her life. She hated the world, she hated the bleakness of it. She wanted something more from it, but she knew she couldn’t get it. That’s why she did what she did. She didn’t understand people the way you were meant to, didn’t interact right with others. That’s why she did what she did. She knew where she ended up would be better for her, even if it meant losing everyone she knew. Not like she did know them anyway. She set off on a journey to leave this green plant. Headed to a better life. The spikes, and the people, it just didn’t make sense. Then she found planet earth, and immediately knew, she belonged. Not in her old home, but this is where she belonged.



3 thoughts on “100 WC

  1. Hi Heidi,
    I’m absolutely speechless!
    Well I’m speechless besides saying that and this.
    From Eloise

  2. WOW Heidi! How is it that I had absolutely no idea what to do for this piece and I look at your blog and there is another fantastic piece of writing? I really like how you repeated that line I definitely think that you should be on the showcase for this piece. Amazing work!! I agree with Eloise when I say I am speechless and I wish I could write like that.

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