100 WC: I didn’t understand the instructions

100 WC: I didn’t understand the instructions

So I went to IKEA instead of the mall, only because I felt like a meatball.


I didn’t know they sold stuff for my home, let alone a table in the shape of a dome.


I decided to buy it with my every last penny, but did I have knowledge of furniture? Not any.


I waited in a queue for hours and hours, there were people with boxes the height of 4 towers.


But when I finally took out the parts, I didn’t know where or how to start!


I didn’t understand the instructions! This was going to conclude in a lot of destruction.


So I went back to IKEA, gave them a call, and said “Let me talk to the chef who makes the meatballs.”


I guess that tonight I’m staying right here, because guess what? I now work at IKEA!


One thought on “100 WC: I didn’t understand the instructions

  1. Superb Heidi!
    I love the way you have experimented with a different style and tone this week. This fun poem has great ideas and shows careful use of word choice and sentence construction.
    Very entertaining-well done!

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