Video reflection- Volcano Kilauea

Video reflection- Volcano Kilauea

Summary: This Article was about a volocano occuring in Hawaii.

Facts: The lava can reach 1150C.
Most of the eruptions are a type of eruption called effusive eruptions, which means they flow continuously but they don’t actually explode.
Kilauea has been erupting constantly for 35 years.

Questions: How close can lava get to something before it burns up?
How do the cameras not get burned when people are resaerching?

Understandings: I understand that volcanoes are very distructive and dangerous.

One thought on “Video reflection- Volcano Kilauea

  1. Heidi the question about cameras not getting burned up when researching is really good question I didn’t think about that,
    Lexi 😉😉

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