100 WC- Prompt below

100 WC- Prompt below

Inbetween the dark shadows, old run down streets, is a corner, where the two towns meet. There’s a small box just there for no reason at all, and next to the looming towers it just seems small. But underneath that box is a small creature, giving this town a somewhat special feature. Because there, in our hands, is a small connection, just alone, dying, given no affection. For who would care? The people in this town have no time to spare. This creature walks from door to door, hoping to sleep on someone’s living room floor, but after rejection for days on end, this creature walks around the road’s bend. And there, is a house that has been waiting for days, and this creature knows now that it’s going to stay.


2 thoughts on “100 WC- Prompt below

  1. I like how instead of describing the things but explained what’s happening to it and what people think about it.

  2. Hi Heidi,
    I really like this piece. As I was scrolling down your blog for more of your amazing writing I read 5 words of this piece and I had to keep reading. I like how you included rhyme and the story was really detailed. Good Job!!

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