100 WC- Prompt below

100 WC- Prompt below

The giants died out soon before we humans walked the planet. Not many people knew about them, but the ones who did kept it a secret. The information was rare, and scientists made sure there were no traces of this species left. They were trying to keep their planet from confusion and fear. It was for the best. Everything was going smoothly, but they forgot one vital piece of evidence. They had made a giant mistake. People traced down the legs of a giant, and soon it was no longer a secret. This planet wasn’t protected from the dark secrets others had anymore, because maybe, there was a chance these giants weren’t from earth.



One thought on “100 WC- Prompt below

  1. Heidi,
    This is a fantastic, imaginative take on the prompt. I particularly like the serious third-person tone you have created. I also like the way you structure the piece to develop and finish over the 100 words,
    Great work

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