Goals check in

Goals check in

For my first goal, which is being faster at calculating area I have been working on area, but I still have a lot of room for improvement with this goal. I have read some books about ot, and tried to figure out a pattern for them. This term I think I should pay attention in relating lessons and do what I did last term.

With my second goal I think I’m getting better with this goal, but I do stick with the same books, because they are the most relatable and enjoyable to read for me. I have tried not to think about the genre too much when I pick up a book, and I think that I shouldn’t worry too much about what I read, as long as It’s just right.

With my learning behaviour goals, I put my hand up a lot more on class, and it makes it easier to concentrate when you are participating. I have made sure I wasn’t fidgeting and making a neat page. I think I should keep on doing what I did last term.

I think that when you are participating a lot, that’s how you get the most out of lessons, so I just need to keep on doing the other goal. I put my hand up a lot, and tried challenges. I think I shouldn’t take the easy way.

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