100 WC- If I was in charge

100 WC- If I was in charge

This new start, this place in Mars was meant to be my time. My time to show the colony what I really had, that I wasn’t like others. I was going to lead, and make Mars a better place, but then M7 jumped in. She said to me that I wasn’t leader material, and started the colony. It was exactly like the one on planet Earth. Cold, grey, empty. It was awful. Of course, I couldn’t blame her. She knew nothing better. None of them did. Only I had been passed down the stories of our old world. If I was in charge we would bring that back. We could live under blue skies, trees, have feelings. We could have life.

One thought on “100 WC- If I was in charge

  1. Really cool concept! Kind of Science Fiction? It’s really cool! Though I thought you had to include the sentence “…but what if I was in charge…” in the piece of writing, though i’m probably wrong. Overall, really good writing! 🙂

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