Letter about the government (to my parents)

Letter about the government (to my parents)

Dear Mum & Dad

I know a lot more stuff about Australia’s government.

So In case you didn’t know, I’ll explain it to you. We have a government called a democracy. (With a queen,) and basically a democracy is a type of government where a party is elected, and there is a leader of that party who we vote for, to become our prime minister, so we get a say in our leader. England and the U.S affected our government by Having a queen and democracy (England) and by having a constitution and federation (America.) Parliament is where politicians go to make laws. There are two houses. House of representatives, which has 150 representatives that are elected by Australian citizens of  and senate.

We also have 3 levels of government. Federal, Which is for all of Australia. State, for our state. (Duh,) Local, for our suburb or city. Our queen who lives in the U.K is represented in Australia by the Governor general.

I also have a couple of questions. Like who is our local government, and who is our state government?



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