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Month: March 2018

BTN- Voting age

BTN- Voting age

Summary: pink

Facts:  blue

Understandings: green

Questions: purple

Summary: This BTN was about how bill shorten said that 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote as well because we need young people’s opinions too.

Facts: Some other countries like Argentina and Brazil have already allowed this. Some people think 16 and 17 year olds aren’t mature enough for this. 400, 000 24 year olds didn’t actually vote last election which is against the law. 

Understandings: I understand that people all have different opinions. Some are positive about it, but some are skeptical.

Questions: Is this going to become a law? How do 16 and 17 year olds feel about this?

100 Wc: How did she get up there?

100 Wc: How did she get up there?

Ivy Whittinburg had lived in Montauk for majority of her life. She had lived in London since she was four, but her family had insisted in a “change.” Montauk Point was so boring, she spent most of her spare time exploring the ruins of Camp Hero, and old government run lab. It was 3:01 am and she had snuck out of her house to explore. A door creaked open and…

“Hey officer! I think I found something!” It was now 2012, almost 20 years later, and the cops were finally on track. There were footprints of the ceiling. “How did she get up there? The officer wondered. Then all of a sudden the door creaked open and…

100 WC

100 WC







Just find our wonderland that doesn’t really exist. We think we will find It, but we never do.  It’s an unreachable goal. Some people get do close to wonderland they find the doors and the bottle with drink me written on the door, but they just can’t fit through the hole, and soon enough we’re all falling down, slowly, spiralling out of control into a dark, unknown world. But maybe wonderland does exist, but we’re just imagining it differently. Maybe we’re already in wonderland. Maybe wonderland to us is just home.

ps: even though this might seem like it has nothing to do with the prompt it just remindd me of alice in wonderland.

Goal- To not go over 100 words


BTN: 3 levels of government

BTN: 3 levels of government

Summary: Pink

Facts: Purple

Questions: Blue

Understandings: Green

Link: http://BTN: 3 levels of government clip

Summary: This clip was about the 3 levels of government and how important each one of them is and what they do.

Facts: We used to have separate colonies that just governed for themselves.
In 1901 we changed it to how it is now.
In the 1970’s governments were more popular so they were given more money and power.

Questions: Do other countries have 3 levels of government?
Is this the best way to have our government?

Understandings: The three levels of government are actually more important than you think.


100 WC- If I was in charge

100 WC- If I was in charge

This new start, this place in Mars was meant to be my time. My time to show the colony what I really had, that I wasn’t like others. I was going to lead, and make Mars a better place, but then M7 jumped in. She said to me that I wasn’t leader material, and started the colony. It was exactly like the one on planet Earth. Cold, grey, empty. It was awful. Of course, I couldn’t blame her. She knew nothing better. None of them did. Only I had been passed down the stories of our old world. If I was in charge we would bring that back. We could live under blue skies, trees, have feelings. We could have life.

Letter about the government (to my parents)

Letter about the government (to my parents)

Dear Mum & Dad

I know a lot more stuff about Australia’s government.

So In case you didn’t know, I’ll explain it to you. We have a government called a democracy. (With a queen,) and basically a democracy is a type of government where a party is elected, and there is a leader of that party who we vote for, to become our prime minister, so we get a say in our leader. England and the U.S affected our government by Having a queen and democracy (England) and by having a constitution and federation (America.) Parliament is where politicians go to make laws. There are two houses. House of representatives, which has 150 representatives that are elected by Australian citizens of  and senate.

We also have 3 levels of government. Federal, Which is for all of Australia. State, for our state. (Duh,) Local, for our suburb or city. Our queen who lives in the U.K is represented in Australia by the Governor general.

I also have a couple of questions. Like who is our local government, and who is our state government?



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