BTN reflection- Budget taxes

BTN reflection- Budget taxes

Summary- Purple

Facts- Aqua

Questions- Pink

Understandings- Green

Summary- This BTN was about what taxes are, why we have them, and how we are actually adding new ones, and people aren’t exactly happy about that.


Facts- Tax is basically just money that goes to whoever is in charge so for Australia that’s the government. They use this tax money to build things really important things .

Overall, we pay more than 100 different taxes each year between the state and federal governments.

There is a tax for saving up money for when you retire and things like health, fancy cars, petrol, and companies.

Questions- What exactly do taxes go towards?

What if people can’t afford to pay tax?

Understandings- I now understand what taxes are for, and why we have them.

One thought on “BTN reflection- Budget taxes

  1. Cool! I never knew that we payed 100!! different taxes each year!! your information was organised and neat but you could of choose easier to see colours but thats not really about the btn good job its really good!

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