100 WC- Goldfish, slowly, ladder, flew, brown

100 WC- Goldfish, slowly, ladder, flew, brown

The room was empty, apart from the goldfish, that swum slowly round in circles. Even though they were always slow, and you couldn’t see their mouth, they still seemed sad. If you pushed back the curtains there was a ladder, leading up to nothings but more darkness. The room was so sad, so dead, so- gone. , and Sadie missed them more than ever. Every night when her parents would be fighting and screaming, she would clamber out of the window, and fall into Jasmine’s arms, sobbing. Sadie closed her eyes, and flew to where Jasmine was, her dark brown eyes, her warming smile, But Sadie wasn’t in Jasmine’s house. she was in her own dimmed room, and all of her memories were just in her head.

One thought on “100 WC- Goldfish, slowly, ladder, flew, brown

  1. That was amazing, I could tell you were going for a sad theme ;). I don’t think anyone could smile while reading this. I certainly didn’t. I could really feel your writing. One tip, is to maybe say why the ladder was there. I kind of felt like you just added that on because you had to. But, overall, it was a great piece. $_$

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