SRC speech

SRC speech

Hello everybody. My name is Heidi and before I start I’d just like to say that I don’t actually want to be an SRC rep.

First of all I think I am a great leader. I can get everyone’s attention and am not afraid to speak up, so if someone who’s not in SRC wants to idea of theirs, I’ll be happy to share it at the meetings. Another thing that makes me a great leader is that I listen to other people’s ideas, and I make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

I am very committed so if I got the role, I’d definitely put the meetings before hanging out with friends, and would try to go to all of them.

I am also very creative so I could probably think of some very great ideas to make the school a better place, and think of fund-raisers and fun activities but like I said earlier, I still include other people’s ideas.

So in summary, i think i am a great leader, i listen to other people’s ideas, I am committed, and I am creative. So that is why  think i’d be a great SRC rep.

Note- Please don’t vote for me.


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