100 wc- We were moving very fast when

100 wc- We were moving very fast when

We were moving very fast when the hurricane struck. There was a moment of silence, almost like we were frozen, then we got tied up in panic. I hate it when that happens, when you freeze and then realize what you could have done in that time you were frozen. But then again, all the time we stand around in our lives, we could have done so much.”

But we just didn’t. Sometimes you just don’t do things. We nearly lost Papa that day. Nearly.

“Another thing that happens in life is sometimes the world gives you a favour, for no reason. But the when I think about it, there could be a reason.”

Maybe we just do good things every day without realising. Life is weird, I can tell you that. Really weird.

One thought on “100 wc- We were moving very fast when

  1. Heidi I agree life is REAL weird!
    It really great. Mine is so different from yours, mine is about the swimming carnival.

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