Letter to Ant

Letter to Ant

Hey everyone!

I’m Heidi, I’m 11 years old, and some random facts about me are that  I have 2 sisters and 2 dogs, I have been doing ballet for 9 years now, (since I was 2,) and  I have actually been best friends with Emily since I was 3, and we aren’t even going to the same high school! 😞 And that I plan on opening a boarding school for arts and design when I’m older.

My favourite things to do are probably dancing, cooking, hanging out with my friends, dancing, going to the beach, photography, art, dancing, watching stranger things, and did I mention dancing?

On my holidays I went to the Australian open, which is if you ask me,  is kinda overrated. I also had my birthday party, and we went to the pool, had a campfire, and played capture the flag in the dark. On Australia day we went to the beach with our family friends, and on New Years Eve we watched the fireworks on the balcony. We went to the beach a lot, and we also went camping. I also went on a couple of shopping sprees to spend my birthday money.

So that’s a bit about me





3 thoughts on “Letter to Ant

  1. Hi ,
    I your post was great short and sweet, You could maybe check you punctuation there is just a few lower case I’s and a some missing capital letters, I liked how you used emojis I forgot about that.
    Love lexi

  2. Hey Heidi
    That was a really nice letter and thanks for mentioning me. I also really liked how you said where you went on the holiday and how you made your piece a bit funny by saying how much you love dancing. So good job
    -Emily BFF

  3. cool! i learnt more about you it was very interesting and different everyone to make theres quite alike and yours is super cool and interesting!
    I really like it!
    From The other Emily

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