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Month: February 2018

BTN- Democracy

BTN- Democracy

Summary: This BTN was about what democracy is, and the different types of govornment

Facts: Democracy dates back to ancient greece
There are absolute monarchies and just monarchies, so that means one’s stricter than the other.
Dictatorships are very unfair

Understandings: We have the fairest government.

Questions: If England isn’t an absolute monarchy then what is it?
Is there any other country with the same government to us?

BTN reflection- Budget taxes

BTN reflection- Budget taxes

Summary- Purple

Facts- Aqua

Questions- Pink

Understandings- Green

Summary- This BTN was about what taxes are, why we have them, and how we are actually adding new ones, and people aren’t exactly happy about that.


Facts- Tax is basically just money that goes to whoever is in charge so for Australia that’s the government. They use this tax money to build things really important things .

Overall, we pay more than 100 different taxes each year between the state and federal governments.

There is a tax for saving up money for when you retire and things like health, fancy cars, petrol, and companies.

Questions- What exactly do taxes go towards?

What if people can’t afford to pay tax?

Understandings- I now understand what taxes are for, and why we have them.

100 WC- Goldfish, slowly, ladder, flew, brown

100 WC- Goldfish, slowly, ladder, flew, brown

The room was empty, apart from the goldfish, that swum slowly round in circles. Even though they were always slow, and you couldn’t see their mouth, they still seemed sad. If you pushed back the curtains there was a ladder, leading up to nothings but more darkness. The room was so sad, so dead, so- gone. , and Sadie missed them more than ever. Every night when her parents would be fighting and screaming, she would clamber out of the window, and fall into Jasmine’s arms, sobbing. Sadie closed her eyes, and flew to where Jasmine was, her dark brown eyes, her warming smile, But Sadie wasn’t in Jasmine’s house. she was in her own dimmed room, and all of her memories were just in her head.

100 wc

100 wc

Hello. A lot of people ask me why I’m friends with a grapefruit, and I’m here to tell you why. So one day, I was sitting in my room alone, because I had just moved into town, then I heard people screaming. At first I thought it was the TV because well, what else would it be? Then I saw the park and these dudes made out of sticks running. Everyone fled the town after that but since my mum didn’t hear (she was sleeping,) she woke up and told me to make some friends, But the only thing I could find was a grapefruit lying on the road. So that’s why I’m friends with Jackson. (The grapefruit.)


SRC speech

SRC speech

Hello everybody. My name is Heidi and before I start I’d just like to say that I don’t actually want to be an SRC rep.

First of all I think I am a great leader. I can get everyone’s attention and am not afraid to speak up, so if someone who’s not in SRC wants to idea of theirs, I’ll be happy to share it at the meetings. Another thing that makes me a great leader is that I listen to other people’s ideas, and I make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

I am very committed so if I got the role, I’d definitely put the meetings before hanging out with friends, and would try to go to all of them.

I am also very creative so I could probably think of some very great ideas to make the school a better place, and think of fund-raisers and fun activities but like I said earlier, I still include other people’s ideas.

So in summary, i think i am a great leader, i listen to other people’s ideas, I am committed, and I am creative. So that is why  think i’d be a great SRC rep.

Note- Please don’t vote for me.


100 wc- We were moving very fast when

100 wc- We were moving very fast when

We were moving very fast when the hurricane struck. There was a moment of silence, almost like we were frozen, then we got tied up in panic. I hate it when that happens, when you freeze and then realize what you could have done in that time you were frozen. But then again, all the time we stand around in our lives, we could have done so much.”

But we just didn’t. Sometimes you just don’t do things. We nearly lost Papa that day. Nearly.

“Another thing that happens in life is sometimes the world gives you a favour, for no reason. But the when I think about it, there could be a reason.”

Maybe we just do good things every day without realising. Life is weird, I can tell you that. Really weird.

100 wc- Before, red, clock, cycled, snake

100 wc- Before, red, clock, cycled, snake

Before I walked outside, I knew something was wrong.  The street was empty. The sky was a crimson red. I wandered into my kitchen, feeling lost and scared. I checked the clock. It was broken. I glanced at my watch that was left in my room. Broken. I took a deep breath, walked to the garage and took my bike. I cycled down the street, and looked around. It was deserted for miles on end. I rode down the snake – like road and stopped. I just realised. Was I the only person left in the world? I’ve always wanted to be left alone, but now that I am, I’m just lost.

Safer internet day

Safer internet day

My safer internet pledge:

  • I promise to help and support anyone being bullied online
  • I promise to never tease or bully online
  • I promise that everything I post online will be happy and positive to others.
Letter to Ant

Letter to Ant

Hey everyone!

I’m Heidi, I’m 11 years old, and some random facts about me are that  I have 2 sisters and 2 dogs, I have been doing ballet for 9 years now, (since I was 2,) and  I have actually been best friends with Emily since I was 3, and we aren’t even going to the same high school! 😞 And that I plan on opening a boarding school for arts and design when I’m older.

My favourite things to do are probably dancing, cooking, hanging out with my friends, dancing, going to the beach, photography, art, dancing, watching stranger things, and did I mention dancing?

On my holidays I went to the Australian open, which is if you ask me,  is kinda overrated. I also had my birthday party, and we went to the pool, had a campfire, and played capture the flag in the dark. On Australia day we went to the beach with our family friends, and on New Years Eve we watched the fireworks on the balcony. We went to the beach a lot, and we also went camping. I also went on a couple of shopping sprees to spend my birthday money.

So that’s a bit about me





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