100 wc

People think I am a statue in a cloak,

Something just for show.

If I prove myself to them

One day they will know.

That I have feelings they’ve never even felt

I’ve seen things they’ve never seen before.

They think they are intelligent,

But clearly I know more.

I smile to myself when I think

These kids learn things, though nothing compares to me.

I can see everything they were too scared to look at.

I know who they want to be.

I know who I am just as well as they do.

For I am all living things, in conclusion

This whole earth is fake,

The life they’re living is just an illusion.


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2 thoughts on “100 wc

  1. Molly says:

    Wow! This is an excellent poem and the first one I have seen so far. I love seeing the 100 words being used in less obvious formats, it shows great originality. I can see that you have use rhyme which makes the poem very nice to read as well.

  2. Emma Tyler says:

    Hi Heidi! Thank you for posting on the 100 Word Challenge. Yes, this is the first poem that I have seen on here too. Well done – it flows really well and you have a good control over your content and pacing. It is also a little scary to think that it all that we think we know could be fake. Very thought provoking! Well done. I look forward to seeing your next post on the 100 Word Challenge.
    Mrs. T., Wiltshire UK (100 Word Challenge Team).

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