100 wc- Where would we keep?

100 wc- Where would we keep?

“When Dad comes back, will he know? The secrets I mean, the secrets of the world. Will He?” When Kayla asked this question, it sounded harmless, though the reaction of her family was somewhat different. “Kayla!”  Never ask that question again. That is forbidden, Understood? Her mother snapped. “Yes,” the young girl replied, saddened by the scolding.

When her father came home, there was no rejoicing. He seemed disturbed by something, but refused to tell. Passing his office Kayla overheard her father on the phone on the other and of the line a voice said, “This species will wipe us of planet earth, unless we get rid of her first. Her father took a deep breath and murmured. Yes. I understand. Kayla will get beheaded tomorrow. I’m booking the session now.”

Kayla tried to stay expressionless, But where would she keep all of the tears?

This was the end.

PS: Sorry this is late!

One thought on “100 wc- Where would we keep?

  1. Hi Heidi,
    I really like this 100 Word Challenge. It leaves me wondering, what species? Why is Kayla being be-headed? Will she run away?
    Good Job!

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