100 wc- Swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tomorrow

100 wc- Swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tomorrow

She knows it’s coming. The way she celebrated when I was gone, her way of swimming in the glory like she deserved it. As i entered the room, the flame inside me had to be released. Otherwise my anger would turn to sadness, sadness to loneliness, and somewhere the line would end. The thing was, when the line ends, so does your life. Her face turned white as we sat opposite each other.  “Explain.” I said coldly, as if she didn’t already know. “If you open the gates, you have to go through them.” She sat, stunned for a minute, then replied. “Fine. The war outside our world is real. This fantasy you’re living in is not.” Tomorrow the long sought- after opening will begin.

3 thoughts on “100 wc- Swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tomorrow

  1. I love this piece! All the emotion and figurative language is amazing and makes me want to read more about this! The way you used the five words is really creative.

  2. This is a really good piece of writing! I really like your describing words and the dialoge is beautiful. I have a feeling that you might be on the showcase this week.

    A Los Alamitos student.
    San Jose CA

  3. Wow Heidi that’s amazing well structure, and great description, i loved the way you used the words well done. You repeated a few words, but otherwise it’s awesome.

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