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Month: September 2017

Video reflection- Let the electricity flow

Video reflection- Let the electricity flow

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This was about Stephen Gray who made insulators and conductors. Stephen Gray is a big par of  electricity nowadays although I didn’t even know who he was before the video!

In the great chamber of the charter house, Stephen Gray made magic. Well, he made insulators and conductors. He built a wooden frame, with two swings hanging off the frame with silk rope. Then he put a tray or plate of gold leaves in front of the swings. He then got one of the boys who lived in charter house to lay across the swings. when the electricity was generated, the boy put his hands on top of the tray and the leaves flew up! 

What makes some things insulators or conductors? Would it hurt the boy with the electricity going through him like an electric shock?

100 wc- So, what lies ahead…

100 wc- So, what lies ahead…

Twisting, turning, here I lie.

 I have no hope, no more tears to cry.

Shrinking, dying, in the blink of an eye.

My face is wet, sticky with tears.

Underground for so long, my future soon clears.

Will anyone miss me after all of these years?

So, what lies ahead of all of this horrible stuff?

My life and my death has all been rough.

All I wanted to know is who killed my dad!

Little did I know I’d end up this sad.

Trying to find out my history’s not a crime!

All I know is I messed up this time.


100 wc

100 wc

I can feel bodies pressing against mine, and I can barely see between the blur of faces. The footprint expands, and my heart pounds. Heat rises up to my head, as people laugh, and take pictures. They all wonder whose footprint it is, and I wonder if they could take the time to notice me, let me walk through. I am not special, important at but a small part of me wonders if that is true. Why do I need to be noticed? Why should people care? Because they are my footprints, that’s why.



100 WC then suddenly it all went dark.

100 WC then suddenly it all went dark.

Hearing the firecrackers and seeing the Chinese dragons along the small, dusty road of his town, Amias felt a sense of homecoming, a feeling that wasn’t often felt by him. The chants of the villagers and the music of the band filled the town up with fake hope. Chinese Russians weren’t safe, and Amias was in danger. War had affected him, leaving and living in Russia was unheard of, especially at these times. These times were filled with festivals, then suddenly it all went dark. War rages on and on, and who knows when conflict will end?

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