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Hello 5/6’s and teachers. My name is Heidi and I have been a student at this wonderful school since prep, and have looked up to the previous school captains. This year I am willing to take on this extremely important role, and I feel that I am the right candidate for this job. I have already done extra activities that include green team and tournament of the minds. Both of these roles require commitment and organisational skills. These are both skills that I have, and have room for improvement. I have a younger sister in year 3, and an older sister in year 6.  Here’s for my reasons why I should be a school captain.

Firstly, I would like to talk about my communication skills. I have been girl guides leader multiple times. This means I have to organise activities for younger girls and make sure they all understand. To make this efficient, I have to speak clear and make sure everybody understands what we are doing. I also can do public speaking without getting too nervous, or getting off track. Another example of this is tournament of the minds. I was in this program in year 3 and 4, and this also requires excellent communication skills. If you didn’t already know, tournament of the minds requires you to go out on a weekend, and perform a short play with your assigned group about a chosen topic. You can probably tell why this needs communication skills. You perform this infront of judges, so you have to be engaging and speak clearly. You also need to organise rehearsals, which leads on to my next reason.

Secondly, I am going to talk about organisational skills. Being a school captain means you are a role model for younger students, and one of the things about being a great role model is that you need to be organised. If you were 5 years old, you probably wouldn’t look up to somebody who doesn’t know what they’re saying at assemblies, and doesn’t engage you. Let’s take a look at our current school captains; Chiara and Charlie. They are organised, and have planned what they are going to say before assemblies, instead of making it up on the spot. You all can tell if somebody has practised a speech right? Well, if you had never done a speech, do you think it would be good to take advice from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing? Or does. I myself have organised all my homework to a particular day and time, when I know when I get it done. If I can’t manage it that night, I straight away shift it to a time the next night, so I can make sure I get it done. But that doesn’t mean I don’t ever forget.

And last of all, school captain will help me improve on certain things. For example, my forgetfulness. I easily forget things, but with the role of school captain, remembering to do things is VITAL.  If you forget to write out what you are doing or saying at an event, the only consequence is that the whole school will know you forgot, as well as feeling more nervous that you normally would because you don’t know what to say. I feel that being school captain will help me remember things easier, and that is an important life skill.


That is why I think I should be school captain, because I am organized, I am great at communicating, and it will help me with my forgetfulness. School captain will the perfect role for me, and I feel that a school captain needs to be an excellent role model, which I am happy to be. Thank you for listening to my speech.


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  1. Sofia says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I fell that your School Captain Speech/Application is absolutely amazing. You definitely have a really high chance of getting it. I love how you have included facts about all different parts of your life and have made that fit in with the criteria.
    Great Job!!! 🙂 🙂

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