Literacy circles

Goal- I understand how literature circles work.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017  12:47 PM


What you need to know about literature circles:


  1. You need to think about what you write.
  2. Do it as early as you can in the week.
  3. You need a particular layout.
  4. Each week you read a chapter.
  5. You have to be organised.
  6. You get to pick a book.
  7. Everyone has to have a role
  8. Due every week for homework
  9. You are in a group that are in a similar level of reading as you.
  10. We read independently


People create questions, answer questions, but get everyone’s responses first. People were respectful and kind, they were making eye contact and were engaged. They were showing opinion and were explaining what they were saying. Actively participating in the group. Reading for meaning is a collaborative.




Connector-  Your job is to make personal connections in the story you are reading in order to further your understanding of the story. You may wish to make connections between characters, settings, or problems in real life, or in other books. You may make comparisons to other authors or works of art. Refer to the connection organizer to understand all of your choices.

Ask the group about their connections to their OWN experiences.


Word person-

  1. As you are reading, search for five vocabulary words. Select the five words you are presenting to your group.
  2. Copy the sentence down EXACTLY as it appears in the text.
  3. Look up the word AND include the part of speech. i.e., noun, verb, adjective
  4. Write your own sentence correctly using the word.

Write down the group’s prediction of the meaning.


Discussion  director- They ask for other people’s opinions and explain the text. They lead the group discussion. It’s got 5 open ended discussions.



Passage master- They point out parts of the text that might be an advantage to the group. They bookmark this and make their group read it individually. This part may just be funny or entertaining or informative. Write down the main idea of the passage. Include why you chose this passage.


Captain comprehension- They help people understand the text, and allowed to make people ask questions. They are basically defining a word that somebody gets stuck on.



Tally master- write down what happens in the group at the day. The tally master should take notes on their reading using the reciprocal teaching model. Predict, clarify, question, summary.


Link to sheet-

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