BTN- Storms explained

BTN- Storms explained

Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Insights- green 

Questions- Purple

Summary- This BTN was about how two huge storms struck the world recently. One in the Philippines, and one in the US and Mexico. The one in the Philippines was called a typhoon, and the one in the US was called a hurricane.

Recalls-  58 people were killed in a hurricane in the Philippines. More than 100000 are still stuck in evacuation centres. Hurricane Patricia was the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. No one has died because of hurricane Patricia.

Insights- Hurricanes and typhoons are both actually the same thing. Storms can be very dangerous and kill millions of people’s homes.

Questions- Are hurricanes more common in the western hemisphere? Can you have more than one storm at same the time and place? Example- a flood and a tornado at the same time.




One thought on “BTN- Storms explained

  1. Heidi,
    this is an insightful reflection. The way you summarise shows you clearly understand. Next year we will study natural disasters so you can answer some of your questions,

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