The journey I won’t forget

The journey I won’t forget

Through the wind, over hills, this where I belong. Where will I go? who will I meet? Only time can tell. Breaking free, once and for all, hoping to find a home. This is life, how i see it, a journey I won’t forget. Getting away from everyone, everything, gliding past fields. Soaring through the sky, sunlight beaming on my mane, giving me warmth on this cold winter day. Rocks, oceans, nothing will stop me from finding where I belong. I’m living a vivid, wonderful dream, that i will never wake from. I have found my home.



4 thoughts on “The journey I won’t forget

  1. Wow Heidi!
    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    It is an outstanding piece of work.
    I’m envious of your journey.
    Super work this week.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. Heidi,
    The style you choose here is called ‘stream-of-consciousness’. It follows thoughts as they come, and it suits what the mood of what you are communicating here: a sense of unbounded freedom. The choice of verbs, ‘gliding; beaming; soaring” add to this sense of freedom.
    Great work,

  3. Heidi that piece is absolutely amazing. Definitely show case worthy. I love how you use your amazing description. Best piece of writing you have done.

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