The Melbourne aquarium

Today we went to the Melbourne aquarium and learnt lots of things.

Today helped me understand this topic because our instructor explained the way the jaws of the fish was built to make it easier to chew the food they usually eat. For example,  the stingray crushes it’s food in order to digest it, so that is why it’s jaw doesn’t actually have sharp teeth. Over millions of years these animal’s body grows to their environment, making it easier for them to survive.

I was wondering how the small animals defend themselves towards all of the larger animals in the sea, and it turns out these small fish have fluorescent colours meaning that the are poisonous, warning the predators to stay away from them. So fish don’t have florescent colours just to look pretty, it means that it is poisonous.

I learnt that turtles can survive droughts and floods, thanks to their ability to breath underwater and stay alive without any. I also learnt that sharks can hide their eggs because they look like seaweed. they stick them under rocks so they don’t float away, and predators don’t eat them. I didn’t know that crocodile’s heart beats only twice every minute, so that was cool.

There were some very strange fish with a bump on their head, and the instructor didn’t know why they had that, so i’d like to find out  why they have that.


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