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Link to BTN

Summary- This clip was about alien life, and how human beings are sending messages into space and trying to get a response to know if there is life other than humans out there. A school allowed kids to create their own messages to space, then they would send them to the space station. In the messages, kids wrote on there messages, things like you are welcome to visit, and we are interested in meeting you.

Questions-  If there are aliens, would they be trying to do the same thing as us? I wonder if the aliens could read the messages?

Insights-The first message into space was sent in 1962.The first space message was in Morse code. The first message was aimed towards Venus.In 1974, America tried again.This message will take about 25,00 years to reach it’s destination.

Recalls- These messages will take a very long time to arrive in space.

One thought on “BTN

  1. Heidi,
    this sort of stuff fascinates me. I’m certain we are not alone in this gigantic universe, but your question about whether our messages would be understood is an excellent one. It’s so exciting to wonder about these concepts and makes us think deeply about our place and purpose in this amazing universe!
    One thing- I think you’ve confused the insight and the recalls.
    Otherwise, great work!

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