100 wc- wide orange crocodile within collapsed

He looked across the wide fields, his face glowing orange in the sunlight. The view was stunning. There was nothing quite like it. Sometimes he wished he had a camera in his mind, to take a picture of all of the incredible sights he saw. He thought of everything he had done today, and a memory crossed his mind. The crocodile. Oh how he hated it. He loathed it with passion. Within his mind, more and more thoughts came. None of them were good, and all of his joy collapsed into a heap. Who would think that one thing could ruin your whole day. Life just wasn’t fair sometimes.

One thought on “100 wc- wide orange crocodile within collapsed

  1. Harguan says:

    Hi Heidi
    I realy how you made short sentences I think it makes the moment stand out I also liked the meaning you put in your text I also liked the words and the storyline.
    Great job!

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