100 word challenge- how can something so tiny…

100 word challenge- how can something so tiny…

I don’t get it. How can something so tiny affect your whole life? One night and it was all over. One party. It’s funny what some things can do to you. Looking back to it now, it hurts and tears form in my eyes. Before now, I loved my Dad. He meant the world to me, but he wasn’t like other Dads.

Pete flicked through the pages of his daughter’s diary in disbelief. How-  but he was cut short. The next words on the diary stabbed through him like a knife. “Oh god,” he muttered.

It’s time for him to go.

4 thoughts on “100 word challenge- how can something so tiny…

  1. Hi Heidi,
    I liked your 100 WC. It’s one of those writing pieces that makes you think and ask lots of questions, and personally I wish that you could of expanded this into a full story (but of course we can’t do this because it is only 100 words.) I think your a great writer, and I think you especially did a great job with this genre; mystery. I’m really looking forward to some other 100 WC’s from you.
    – Brynn :3

  2. Hi Heidi,

    I really liked your 100wc and how you changed around the story so that the dad was reading the diary, I thought that was very clever. I am a bit confused when you said “It’s time for him to go.” I didn’t know what it meant. I also liked your use of sentence fluency.


  3. Woah. This is awesome! I love how instead you used the prompt for like a size, but as something else, in this case a party. I didn’t quite understand what it meant by “it was time for him to go” but I think it was supposed to be like that to make you think. i love your word choice, and how this story is set out. Excellent.
    I would love to see you turn this into a longer piece of writing, this is a great start and you can expand more on what happened.
    Great work,

  4. Hi Heidi,
    I really liked your post. The first sentence really had me hooked. I sort of know myself the stories that you like to write. I presumed that the line “But it was time for him to go” meant that maybe this girl wanted to kill her father. I really like the word choice you used. (Please make this into a story!!)

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