Cape Bridgewater


I sat on the bus, waiting. 5 hours in in a bus? This better be worth it, I thought to myself. We saw the sign for cape Bridgewater and the whole bus screamed in excitement. This was going to be fun.

We got there at 3:30 pm and immediately went on a hike to see seals. There were actually a lot of them!

A couple of my favourite activities was the surfing, the seal tour and the boat ride from the snorkelling. The surfing was awesome. We practiced standing up on sand and then went into the water. I could actually stand up!

The seal tours was incredible. We went in a motor boat to see seals and we saw a little 2 month old one! There were so many!

Back in the boat we went into a cave and there were a couple of seals in there.

The snorkelling was cool, although my mask didn’t fit and I couldn’t do it, the boat ride was amazing! We went so far into the ocean and we were going so fast I couldn’t even open my eyes the wind was so strong against my face!

Last of all we had the talent show. There were a lot of really cool auditions including comedy, singing and dancing. In the end, it finished and we went to bed.

Getting to sleep was hard giving we had nine people in our cabin! We could barely walk in it was so messy.

Camp was so much fun!


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  1. Hi Heidi
    I love how in your Camp Reflection you me made imagine camp again and your word choice was amazing,the only thing you could improve on would be making sure when you make paragraph you make sure it has 3+ sentences other then that it was amazing.

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