BTN- the encounter

PINK- summary   BLUE- recalls 
BLACK- insights  PURPLE- questions                                                                                                
Waruwi finds a cow left by the English or otherwise known as “Ghosts” according to aborigines. Waruwi finds out that the English are setting up camp where they live.
She goes back home to tell Nana about the “ghosts” and the cow.
How would Nana react when she saw the cow?
Why would the English bring a cow?
I know that the aborigines had never seen a cow before and I also know that the aborigines were quite scared of the English because their skin colour was much lighter than they had ever seen. I also know that the English brought a lot of animals on the boats with them.
The aborigines used animal skin to make clothes. The smoke they have from the fire was used to keep the mosquitoes away. The aborigines were very calm and gentle around animals.

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