SRC application

Hi I’m Heidi and I think I would be a good SRC representative because I am very good at leading things and have been a leader multiple times at girl guides. I am also good at talking in front of audiences and I don’t get scared of talking to lots of people.  I have also been in tournament of minds many times and that includes a lot of speaking in-front of audiences. I have been in green team so the lunch-time meetings won’t bother me and I actually have never been in SRC. Although that means I wouldn’t have a lot of experience with it, that also means that I think the people that haven’t done SRC should get a turn at it. I also want to be school captain   I think SRC would give me lots of practice at it. It would also help me improve on my leadership skills even more and I think I need that improvement.

And that’s why I would make a great SRC.

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