The last night

It was the last night at camp Wyuna.

Grace and Liora were sitting on the end of our spare bed in our cabin.

Suddenly, Liora walked  out. She ran down the hall pretending to be a clown. She dropped on to the floor and rolled into our cabin. I screamed and slammed the door but Liora walked through our bathroom. I ran into Lucy’s room, but soon got pulled into Holly’s room.

Then Alexia decided to do her fake TV show called Lexi’s logic. She put her headlamp on and used it as a spotlight. We hung around our cabin until our teacher arrived.

Cleo said it was time to go to the trivia quiz, so we all walked outside but no one as there. When finally it was time to go to the quiz, Alexia needed to go to the toilet.

We ran across the lawn, freezing then finally arrived in the bathroom.

We ran back to the hall and did the quiz. The quiz was really fun and we got alot of the answers right.

When we went to bed, Alexia woke up to find her torch. She was 2 meters away from me but I am a very light sleeper so I woke up. Then Sofia turned the page in her book and I got SO annoyed. I didn’t go back to sleep after that. That night was crazy.

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